Join JOYoga courses in YOGA for life development. 


Important content rich course into the deeper understanding of YOGA. It will give you knowledge into your own life development.

Week 1 Change - What does it mean?

Week 2 Yogic Excersise

Week 3 Yogic Breathing

Week 4 Yogic Relaxation

Week 5 Yogic Diet

Week 6 Yogic Mindset & Meditation

Next course starts 15th Janyary 2024


Learn about different styles of Yoga & how to practice them. 

Traditional Indian Hahta yoga, Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin yoga.  We end every class with a longer Yoga Nidra. We repeat every style for two weeks.

Week 1 & 2 Hatha yoga 

Week 3 & 4 Kundalini yoga

Week 5 & 6 Ashtanga Vinyasa

Week 7 & 8 Yin yoga

Next course starts 18th of Janyary 2024


To girls between 16-19 years of age. 

If I had had the opportunity & knew more when I was in your age, what yoga practice can bring, I would not hav hesitated for a single second to start practicing yoga.

Each week has a pesonal theme, where we talk about this, practice different yoga exercises & have a good time together.
An eight week course with unique thems each week.

Week 1 Self-confidence - what is it?

Week 2 Dreams I have

Week 3 The body & changes

Week 4 My own self-image

Week 5 The important breath

Week 6 Pressure from outside & performance

Week 7 The body & nutrition

Week 8 I can relax

Next course starts 23 th of Janyary 2024


Owner: Madelen Leek


Studio is located in Berghem

Follow for more information @JOYoga Facebook


Yoga Basic: 3200 sek for 6 Mondays x 2 hours

Yoga Styles: 3200 sek for 8 Thursdays x 1,75 hours

Girls do yoga: 3000 sek for 8 Tuesdays x 1,5 hours

Please get in contact if you have other wishes for YOGA practice & classes.

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